Navigating The Auto Finance Process: Credit, Interest, Terms, and Liens

An important part of buying a new or used car is auto financing. Some people pay for their cars all in cash. But most people drive away in their new purchase by paying only a partial amount to the dealer, also known as a down payment. This is the amount in cash that you are willing to pay on the spot to the dealer. What you cannot pay for at the time of the sale is covered by a loan. Lenders like banks arrange loans to provide the rest of the money for your car and make arrangements with you to pay the cash back.

The Impact of Credit Score

The amount and repayment terms of your loan are mostly dependent on your credit score. Basically, a credit score tells the lender how likely you are to pay off the loan. Good credit scores are reflected in high numbers, starting at 650 and up, and allow for larger loans. Lower credit scores usually result in smaller loans.

How Interest Rates Work

Of course, lenders will not just simply let you borrow the amount of money you need. All loans come with an interest rate, which is the additional amount over the original loan that the lender charges you for borrowing the money. The interest rate is a certain percentage of the entire loan amount. It is paid on a monthly basis and calculated as an Annual Percentage Rate or APR. The actual APR will depend on your credit score. High scores can mean interest rates as low as 2 to 5 percent. If your credit is less than perfect, expect to have an APR starting at 15 to 17 percent.

How Long to Finance

It is important to consider is the term of the loan, or the number of months it will take you to pay back the money. Typically, loan periods range from 36 to 60 months. More months result in smaller monthly payments but, over the loan’s lifetime, will result in higher interest payments. For shorter terms, you repay more each month but will save on the total APR paid. Your monthly income will determine how large a repayment you can afford to make.

How a Lien Works

While you possess the car, the lender is the one who actually owns the car until the loan is fully repaid. This is called a lien and is the security for the loan. Once paid off, the lender will issue you the certificate of ownership. However, if you miss or stop making payments, the lender can legally take the car back. Besides losing the car itself, you will also lose all the money you have paid for the car up to that point.

Options for People with Credit Problems

If your credit is so bad that banks won’t lend to you or will do so only with outrageous repayment terms, your other options are credit unions (if you are a member) or private financing companies. Many automakers have their own in-house financing departments; a possible drawback to this type of loan is that you can buy your car only from the dealers who are part of that financing network. If possible, avoid financing through the dealer, as it makes a commission off every loan arranged, which is added to the APR and increases the total cost of your car.

Possible Vehicle Restrictions

Lenders may also limit the amount of the loan and the condition of the car. Sometimes loans are available only for cars of a certain model year and total mileage. These conditions help reduce the amount of risk taken by the lender on the loan. Before buying your next car, make sure you know the financing options that are available to you so you can decide which one best suits your budget.

Top Five Intra Day Trading Tips To Become A Better Trader

In words of Warren Buffet The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. Let’s read between lines. The investor or trader who is impatient (frequent buy/sell strategy) transfers money to the patient (holding strategy).

Find below herewith five tips which should be followed by a day trader:

Take advice of professional trader

Before one starts day trading it is better to take advice from experienced and expert day trader trainer. Every trainer will have different teaching method and style. See for one who has good teaching method. He should also suit your trading style. They may be ready to teach in their free time. He may charge the fee. As he is spending his free time with you. But it is worth. You can assume that paid fee as an investment, which you need to get knowledge. They are the best share tip providers when you trade.

In future when you grow big, many newbies’s will come to get knowledge from you. At that time you can charge them likewise.

Gather information from financial news

One has to gather news from across the globe. Segregate relevant news, which affects your business. Analyze and set priority which news will most affect your business. Stay updated on news like meetings, change in government policies and rules. Local, national and international news should be followed.

M&A, financial results, entry/exit of members of BOD, etc. These types of related news of the company one have shares in, make sense.

Though the news does not impact a common man but may have an impact on your investment in the concerned company. This news helps to take a smarter decision, especially while trading shares. Through nifty future tips also one can gather information.

Treat trading as any other business

Take day-trading as any other business. It is not a hobby, but a serious business. It is not for fun that one is in day trading. Like any business, it needs devotion and dedication. Trading is a part. One has to devote a lot of time preparing a plan. Study different charts before coming to any conclusion. Follow news on TV, read business magazines, study reports etc. It is a full day activity.

Keep eye on professionals

One should study professionals. What they are buying, when they are selling. For how much time do they hold the script? Since they have experienced one can learn a lot by keeping eyes and ears open and mouth shut. If one makes mistakes, then analysis the mistake. What went wrong and where? You can find them in many share market advisory companies.


It needs time, energy and devotion to master the skills. As the old saying goes Rome was not built in a day It was destroyed and then rebuild. This process was repeated many times over. Even if one makes loss he has to get up again for a fight.

Traders do not profit all the time. Many a time they incur losses. So one has to be prepared for losses and have patience during the time of loss. Commodity tips are also helpful to know the market trends.

Today’s successful traders were also novice once in a while. They got success by their hard and smart work. They had put in their efforts, made mistakes, but kept up their learning process.

Top 6 Advantages Of Student Loans

It is just a common myth that only the federal loans provided by the UK government are cheaper and easier to repay than the student finance options provided by the private direct lenders. However, if you see the APR and repayment modes, then you come to know that private student loans are the clear winner! Let’s have a quick look at the top 6 advantages of education funds offered by the direct lending companies:

Borrow Short-Term and Long-Term Funds

Whether you are looking for a big amount to complete the higher education course, or need short-term funds, to give just hostel and tuition fees; both options are easily available and you can access the required funds in less than 24 hours without facing any hurdles. You can ask the lender to transfer funds directly to your bank account or deliver to your doorstep.

No Documentation to Waste your Time

The time of a student is very precious and instead of taking stress about the cash, he should focus on studies. Direct lending companies know the importance of young generation in the development of the UK and hence they offer paper free student loans plans. You are not required to submit your last class mark sheet or the address proof.

Apply Online in Just 2 Minutes

You don’t have to bunk classes or take leaves from the college, just open your laptop or smartphone and apply for the student finance loans on any reliable direct lending website. You would need just 2 minutes to complete the online application procedure. No hard copies or soft copies are required.

Avail Funds with No Guarantor

Students don’t have a big network to arrange a guarantor. They are dedicated towards their studies and interact less with people. Arranging a guarantor is an embarrassing task for them as people are not ready to co-sign their application. They can easily access student education loans with no guarantor and no broker by applying to a reliable direct lender.

No Hurdle of Bad Credit History

Some students have bad credit issues due to pending credit card bills or some other reasons. Banks and conventional lending companies don’t entertain their funding requests. However, they can easily secure the cash by applying student loans to a bad-credit friendly lender. There are no hidden charges. You can compare various deals and grab the best one with the lowest APR.

Easy and Flexible Repayment Modes

Everybody knows that a student can’t repay funds during his education time. He doesn’t have a steady source of income. Direct lenders offer various student repayment plans that can be chosen as per comfort. You can either start repaying in installments from the next month or repay the total debt in instalments after completing your education.